What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major payment methods except American Express.

How can you assist me with my most complex cases?

K&M Dental uses TeamViewwer to allow you to view cases and assist in the fabrication process.  

What is the best way to go about a crown under an existing partial?

  1. Take a pre-op impression of the tooth to be crowned, or send us a study model.
  2. Prep the tooth and take your master impression.
  3. Send both impressions, bite, and opposing to K&M Dental Lab.
  4. K&M will scan the pre-op model and master working model.
  5. Using our robust technology, the pre-op scan is merged with the prep scan to provide accurate 3D modeling.
  6. K&M will then mill your crown based on the merged file parameters, copying the shape of the pre-op resulting in an accurate fitting crown under the existing partial.